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Welcome to your first step in achieving true wellness!

I'm glad you are      here!

I am trained to help you overcome chronic issues and emotional pain by providing the tools you need to understand your pain and truly heal. I offer solutions and guidance to help you, help yourself in the following areas:​​​​​

  • Post divorce guidance to re-establish a new normal

  • Developing a renewed sense of self

  • Incorporating stress reduction techniques and empowering life style choices

  • Creating the life of your dreams

  • Create relationships based on mutual trust, respect, love, accountability and reciprocity

  • Explore deeply held beliefs and reevaluate wants and needs to set clear boundaries

  • Redefine love based on your own heart center to create the love you truly desire

  • Understand what aspects of yourself you want to call forward and what aspects of yourself no longer serve you in relationship

  • Learn effective conflict resolution

  • Discover how absolute honesty and open communication can create healthy relationships

  • Motivation and confidence building

  • Owning your worthiness

  • Reclaiming your power and living your truth 

  • Implementing new patterns of positive thought and behavior

  • Taking control of what you think so you can change your mind and ultimately change your life

  • Shifting disempowering subconscious programming

  • Healing from toxic relationships with narcissistic personalities

  • Emotional well being and setting clear boundaries

  • Physical well being and proper self care

  • Redefining love and letting go of codependency

Blooming Garden

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are!

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