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Group Coaching

If you would like to learn powerful tips and tools to manage stress but you do not have the time or the budget to invest in individual coaching, or if the idea of a shared coaching experience appeals to you, then group coaching is perfect for you. I have created 4 group programs like no other by incorporating the most efficient and effective techniques I have used for years with consistent success.   Each group has a specific focus and each program is based on a proven system of transformation that will give you the tools, support and wisdom you need to conquer any challenge, coupled with the enormous benefit of an engaging group dynamic. We have all experienced pain, fear, unworthiness, lack and un-forgiveness. It is what we do with these challenges that define us! In four weeks you will be able to face life in a new way and with a new perspective that is both empowering and enlightening.


  • As a coach I am here to teach you, guide you, empower you and keep you accountable.

  • As a group, we will meet once a week for 2 hours and take advantage of the unique support and wisdom that comes from a shared experience. 

  • The incredible benefit of both will lead to the courage to be authentically, unapologetically you. 

  • We are hard wired for connection and connecting requires vulnerability and conversation! These programs meet this fundamental need because they promote this type of support and interaction. 

  • Investing your time and resources to heal your pain, choose forgiveness, embrace true self love and self-care and practice conscious gratitude will forever change your life and positively alter your reality. Self-care requires emotional wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing.

  • Each group will be limited to 10 participants to make sure everyone gets individual attention. 

Gratitude Program
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