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How can coaching help you?

.Every moment is an opportunity to grow as you learn to meet the tough moments with an elevated perspective, intent and energy. Coaching opens up a conversation that will move you away from what does not work, and into a future filled with unlimited possibility. 

Divorce and relationship coaching is for anyone whose heart is burdened from the pain of losing love.  All breakups involve immense pain, as we long for the happily ever after, but they are also an immensely powerful crossroads. The loss of love is a definitive moment in our lives that demands a purpose filled decision. 


We can choose to retreat from life vowing to protect our hearts from ever feeling pain again, or we can choose to use this devastating experience as an extraordinary opportunity to cultivate greater wisdom, depth, maturity and a deeper capacity to love and be loved. A breakup is a divine opportunity to have a complete spiritual awakening that has the capacity to take you to new levels of authenticity, passion, wisdom, depth and believe it or not, eventually….joy.


However, the only way joy is possible, is if you are committed to intentionally creating it as you set your hearts intention for the future. That will take courage to rise to new levels of awareness and face heartache head on, being willing to use the pain to call forward falsehoods that you have tolerated for way too long and recognize the painful thought and belief patterns that have held you back.


This experience has the potential to liberate you from the many ways you have been dimming your own light and showing up for your life as less than you are. The willingness to shine bright must accompany an equal determination to let your heart break wide open. The cracks will be how the light gets in allowing your heart to be more authentically loving towards yourself and others.  An open heart allows for the possibility of creating a life even more amazing because of all you have been through and gives birth to renewed hope to love and dream again, confident you will not make the same mistakes and eventually leading to gratitude for the entire journey.


Here are 6 ways to get started:

  1. Get still

  2. Breathe

  3. Think of one pervasive thought that is weighting heavy on your heart

  4. Reflect on if how that is negatively impacting your day

  5. Write down three things that you could shift around this story to align with your own truth and....

  6. Set up a consultation                                        so we can talk about what you need to heal and create the life you desire!


Perhaps strength doesn't reside in having never been broken, but in the courage required to pick up the broken pieces. 

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