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Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

The journey to heal your heart is ultimately about self love. We acknowledge its necessity, but we can fail to address one very powerful reason for it's absence - lack of unconditional parental love. We lay fault at our own feet, denying the insidious damage that has stolen the very thing we seek. We run from it, or hide it away, believing we are protecting ourselves, when the exact opposite is true.


Most adult children of a narcissistic parent, do not even realize the cause of their emptiness, anxiety, depression or lack of self love or why they keep choosing relationship that are so painful. It is what they learned about what love is, resulting in a distorted view of what love looks and attracting partners that create the same familiar feelings of toxic, distorted love.


There is no pain in love and pure love is healing and powerful. You must learn you are capable and worthy of real true love and allow that wisdom to heal you. When you feel like you are not good enough, that feeling does significant damage to your self worth and to your sense of belonging. Only you can make choices and decisions that shape who you are and who you will become. I am here to support you, to disrupt the illusion. Together we will look at some of the hard questions to get to the root of what is stressing your life such as:


  • Why do we lose touch with ourselves in favor of chasing validation from others? 

  • How do we justify in our own minds, that it is ever okay to dishonor and disrespect ourselves? 

  • What makes it okay to constantly second guess ourselves and to hold ourselves to a standard so high, it is virtually unattainable? 

  • Where do we find the peace of mind that we seek?


Let your heart break, so you can reveal the pain, feel the pain and ultimately heal the pain. I want to offer a solution other than masking and medicating the pain. I want to reach out and grab every adult child who feels unloved and lost and let them know they are not alone. I am going to teach you that it is possible to give yourself the unconditional love you wanted and needed from your mother and/or father.


I will help you search for the road blocks that are keeping you stuck and support you in believing that you are worth the time and effort it takes to heal your broken heart. I will guide you to blaze a new trail, to make a new choice, and to value and appreciate the lessons relevant to your journey.  It is my hope to be the shining light that leads you out of the darkness. You will heal as you realize your power, your beauty, and your unique magnificence that only you can bring to the world!

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