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Power of Pain Program:

Learn how to honor your pain and transform your life!

Do you feel stuck in a pattern of anxiety, exhaustion overwhelm or pain? Are you surviving but not thriving? Well you are in the right place! Pain, emotional or physical, is a powerful motivator and teacher. There are always beautiful gifts and life changing lessons in the pain. Every decision we make is to either avoid pain or seek pleasure. Studies show that we are much more driven to avoid pain than to seek pleasure because we don't want to feel pain. But, the truth is, it's still there. So what can you do?


You can EMBRACE it!

You can LEARN from it!

You can TRUST yourself to feel it!

You can let it TRANSFORM you in powerful ways!



Acupressure meridian tapping used to identify and remove negative energy blocks


  • In this program we will address the emotional aspect of pain, including a better understanding of physical pain. Emotional pain can be denied or hidden but physical pain demands acknowledgment.

  • EFT is a combination of ancient Chinese wisdom and modern scientific knowledge that utilizes tapping on specific acupressure points to activate physiological and psychological shifts in the body.  

  • You will learn how to use EFT to help yourself heal in powerful ways. A specific tapping sequence will be designed just for you to address the most significant areas of pain that are causing stress in your life.

  • EFT changes thought patterns enabling negative energy to shift making it possible to address and change long held subconscious beliefs and reprogram how your brain and body reacts to stress. 

  • Tapping takes you right to the energetic cause of the problem and is effective for emotional and physical pain. 




Resilience training designed to align heart/brain intelligence to achieve a coherent internal state


  • In this program you will be taught how to achieve and maintain heart coherence for a more balanced state of being. You will learn the importance and value of resilience training, and you will have a through understanding of how your thoughts affect your physiology. 

  • HeartMath is a scientifically based stress management technique that demonstrates how heart/brain communication patterns impact stress.

  • Heart rate patterns have a major impact on brain function affecting mental clarity, learning, creativity, perception, emotional balance and wellbeing, memory and problem solving abilities. 

  • Disempowering thoughts, behaviors and negative emotions adversely affect heart rhythm which influences the autonomic nervous system resulting in increased stress and pain. 

  • HeartMath targets positive emotion and the powerful intelligence of the heart to establish solid, secure, balanced feelings which in turn signal the brain that all is well. This results in peace of mind and a relaxed body so healing can occur. 



Changing disempowering thoughts, words and behavior patterns to reprogram the subconscious

  • In this program we will use neurolinguistics to acknowledge and release old patterns to develop a clear vision and intent for your future. By mastering your state of being, and honoring your true emotions, you can heal past experiences by changing perception, and you can influence the future by being more aware of the power of the present moment. 

  • Every thought creates a feeling, the feeling dictates a decision to act and the action leads to a result.  If you don't like the result, you must examine the thought that is driving it. 

  • Long held repetitive thoughts become beliefs so it is very important to have a clear vision of what you believe is possible because the potential to create is limitless. You will learn to focus your energy on what you want, not what you don't want.

  • When your mind, body and energy are in harmony the results are amazing. It is scientifically proven that the body can actually heal by thought alone. We know this as the placebo affect. 

  • You must give yourself permission to feel, process, and release the pain that is blocking your joy and your ultimate success. 




Using the power of love to heal your pain


  • In this program you will learn how to use the power of love and purposeful mindfulness to positively impact your pain. We will discuss positive affirmation and the truth behind why it works and when it doesn't.

  • We will do focused exercises teaching you how to be more mindful of the power of elevated emotions. 

  • Love is a vital component for the health of your heart, mind, body and soul. Love is powerful and love truly heals. Loving yourself through the challenges in life is the key to true transformation and personal growth.

  • For the last hour you will be led on a customized, powerful healing meditation that will reinforce all that you have learned and anchor your energy in a vibration of love and peace that will shift your mind, body and spirit into a state of healing and renewal.

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