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Post Divorce Coaching

Welcome to a future full of possibility! I know that may feel impossible but it's true. I will show you all the potential that awaits. I know you are struggling. I have been through divorce and all of the emotional aspects of ending a marriage. I understand exactly where you are, and I am here to help you navigate all  of your post divorce questions, help you set and clarify new goals and support you in making the choices and decisions necessary to step into this next chapter of your life.


Divorce is not easy, nor is it something any of us anticipate. In the aftermath of divorce, everyone questions aspects of themselves. We question our worthiness, our value, our wants, needs and desires and our ability to continue to hope and dream.  In my 10 week intensive program, we will spend two weeks exploring each of the 5 powerful choices you need to make to learn to love yourself in a whole new way, so you can create the future you truly desire. 

The first 2 weeks we will focus on choosing to face your fears and feel your feelings. You cannot heal what you will not feel and every divorce requires healing, even the amicable ones. We all have deep rooted fears attached to unworthiness buried inside of us. Divorce calls them forward into the light. Question their validity and decide if they are true and if they still serve you. If they do not, you can decide to let them go as you commit to moving forward in truth. Starting over after divorce from a healthy empowered position, requires that you do not bury, deny, ignore or deflect your fears and your feelings around those fears, so that you can find your way back to love. Let the fear teach you the valuable lessons you now have the opportunity to learn, and let those lessons lovingly shape you into the person you want to be.

The next two weeks we will dive into choosing to be truly, deeply grateful for the lessons. The lessons may not be what you want, but they will always be what you need. Choose to see the beauty in their complexity.  Starting over after divorce is a long and winding road that can feel hazardous at times, but the gifts you will receive, are truly worth the effort. Initially the gifts may go unrecognized, as they are frequently overshadowed by pain, but do not stop moving forward. What you are meant to conquer, will keep showing up, one way or another, until you effectively deal with it. It is time to stop feverishly trying to patch the cracks. Love the cracks! That is how the light gets in. Accepting your truth, standing in your power and loving yourself completely, cracks and all, opens the way to forgiveness and allows access to deep wisdom and inner strength that will guide you to exactly where you want to be.


The next two weeks we will conquer choosing to forgive what you can’t forget. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself because it expands your heart and frees your mind to experience the pure healing power of love. Forgiveness does not excuse another’s behavior, but it prevents their behavior from destroying your heart. Sometimes we forgive the person, but what lingers is the stories we replay in our own minds about the hurts we have endured. Forgive yourself for keeping the pain alive by continuing to remember all the things that hurt you. Forgive yourself for being who you needed to be at the time, and then, forgive all the people that hurt you.  Allow the journey of starting over after divorce to become a beautiful, healing, transformative experience, opening your future to unlimited possibility.


Then we will explore choosing to own your worthiness. Many of us lose who we are when we are in a relationship and a divorce can leave us feeling lost, confused and unsure of who we are or what we have to offer going forward. We give away our power and forget all the things that make us wonderfully unique. Starting over after divorce is an opportunity to own your worthiness and take your power back. What does that look like? It’s remembering who you are. It’s taking stock of who you have become and it’s changing the things that no longer represent who you want to be. You need to love and honor yourself, before you will require that from others.


 Finally, the last two weeks we will journey into choosing to dream again. You may feel like the dream you envisioned for your life has died now that you are starting over after divorce. You may be afraid to dream because you are so disappointed or disillusioned. Dare to dream again. Create a dream so big that you cannot achieve it until you grow into the person that can. Be determined to be the very best version of yourself from this day forward, and most importantly of all, have your own back. Love yourself fiercely and know that one day you will love again!​


Starting over after divorce is in reality, taking a brave step forward on your journey. Sometimes the journey does not take you where you want to go, and it is filled with challenging moments, but let those moments change you into someone stronger, wiser, kinder, braver, and always more loving!

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Accept yourself, love yourself and keep moving forward. Sometimes we are taken into troubled waters. Not to drown, but to be cleansed!