Allyson Fusella, AADP, CHC


We all know that good nutrition is one of the greatest keys to optimal health. What's not so obvious is that often times, our relationship with food gets in the way of healthy eating. Far too many people face the challenges of overeating, binge eating, unhappy body image, excess weight and more. A great number of people, despite eating the right diet, may be losing the benefits of their good nutritional habits by making some very common mistakes. Many of us know what to eat, know that good nutrition is important and have a clear idea of what we should and shouldn't eat, but we don't do it. Understanding what to eat or how much to exercise does not guarantee that we will translate that knowledge into action especially when dealing with weight loss. That is why getting help from a health coach is so important.

Most of us have been taught to believe that good nutrition is simply a function of eating the right food and taking the right vitamins and exercising. While that is true, a very important piece we are not taught, is who we are as eaters. What we think, feel and believe, and our levels of stress or relaxation while eating, all have a very real, powerful, and scientific effect on nutritional metabolism.  Recent advances in the mind-body sciences have been proving what ancient wisdom traditions have been saying for centuries, that the mind and body exist on an exquisite continuum and profoundly affect each other.

Many of us have absorbed toxic nutritional beliefs that are as harmful and debilitating as any of the toxins in our food. You may think you can't be happy until you lose weight or you are not beautiful or worthy because you are overweight. Such beliefs create a relationship with food and the self that is filled with suffering and pain. If food is perceived negatively, then we are in a fight or flight stress response whenever we eat or even think about food. Such a powerful stressor can cause all the problems of stress-induced digestive disorders. Healthy, unprocessed organic food is important, but so is our hopes, fears, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and dramas. A well rounded nutritional profile includes whole foods, relaxation, pleasure and love, so we can literally nourish ourselves on every level.